Windows POS

Windows POS 

Ongo Billing (Point of Sale) software is the operations manager tool for small and medium businesses in the retail industry. Billing and accounting software for supermarket. The tool offers state-of-art functionality around billing, inventory management and accounting while still being independent of internet and cloud hassles. The end-to-end reporting makes it even more attractive to analyze the real-time situations and take decisions for better margins and lower costs in your business. The system needs no technical expertise from your staff to run.

windows pos
Our Features
  • GST Billing
  • Order Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Customer Management
  • End-to-end coverage for Restaurants & Retail
  • Offers & Discounts
  • Inventory Management
  • Accounting Management
  • Reports & Statistics
  • Invoicing Software

How It Works?

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GST Billing / Invoice Manager

Tap to add the product 3 Easy steps to Tap to bill! Yes it’s that easy and time saving. Simply tap on a product to add it to the cart and tap on the payment button to complete a transaction. Everything else like calculating complex GST, updating inventory, posting in accounts etc. are automatically done. So accuracy issues will no more be a problem. Easy invoice manager or invoice manager for supermarket.

Also improve your business image by sending GST invoices to your customer via SMS or Email. But, if your business requires, you can also provide printed GST invoice to your customers.

Accept partial/advance/full payment from your customers with the multiple payment modes like cash, card, coupon or a combination of these. You may also provide seasonal discounts to your customer to build loyalty and retain happy customers.

Purchase & Inventory Management

Effortless stock management ….Ongo Billing helps you to track your inventory right from inward to delivery without conscious effort… any misuse of the inventory is prevented with timely alerts and controls.

Ongo Billing notifies you on low stock and allows replenishment on receipt. The alerts and control allow automated ordering, stock transfer and updates. The back end portal for your team is a third eye for them to track, replenish and dispatch stick as per your business needs.

The transactional accuracy is backed by relevant reports on sales, purchases and GST compliance.


Ongo Billing is designed to suit compliance needs for Indian taxation and Accounting rules. The sales – purchase reconciliation allows easy GST compliance and GST Filing is a s easy as download – upload and Submit!!

The system gives an intuitive download of transactions to suit the standard accounting tools and the ledger posting is merely a formality.

A role based access to the system ensures your employees only see what they are authorized for and you stay in full control of the business data.



Reap the ROI within few months and Enjoy the privileges of working on a state-of-art retail & restaurant management software that makes billing, sales, inventory, accounting, reporting and everything else in relation to your business easier or you can say easy invoice manager.


Track margins – Increase profits

Business relevant reports show the real-time true picture for course correction.

Save customer time

Manage queue with faster billing, auto-inventory & account update, no manual effort required.

Enhanced customer perception

Groom your business with latest technology, send SMS/Email invoice.

Organize – Standardize

Organize your team around the system – standardization saves costs.

Attract customers

Offer customer loyalty and discounts to increase the customer base.

Strict Controls – prevent fraud

Controls over Inventory and accounting ensure fraud prevention


Avoid Human errors in billing and GST calculations – save on penalties